Pre-School – Kindergarten

Alhamdulillah our new publication for the Pre-school Qaaidah is a ‘FATHAH SINGLE LETTERS’ colouring book which learners will greatly benefit from Inshaa Allah.  Included are sections on  colouring, join the dots, Islamic songs and revision excercises that are simple and easy to work from and easy to learn from as well.  On the secular side we have a set of 4 workbooks which contains aspects of Maths, Writing Skills and Reading Skills.  Pupils are expected to work through this book systematically as each theme unfolds with the assistance of the teacher.  Instructions to teachers are included.






A sneak preview from one of our Workbooks.


Children have very logical minds and they are interested in sequences and order in their daily lives from a very young age.  Pre-Mathematical skills have to do with preparing the young child for mathematical experiences in the formal learning environment. Maths is introduced in a very concrete form and then leads to the abstract in a logical sequence.

Some Islamic examples are as follows:

a.              Islamic concepts of Allah as our only creator,
b.              First and last Prophets of Allah,
c.              5 Pillars of Islam,
d.              5 Daily Salaah,
e.              Allah’s creations – our bodies, etc.

These are presented to the children, through various activities in different ways.

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